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The Genesee County Drain Commissioner – Division of Water and Waste Services (GCDC-WWS), Operation and Maintenance Department (O/M) is responsible for operating and maintaining the water distribution system and the sanitary sewer collection system in Genesee County. The O/M Department operates and maintains the county owned water transmission and sanitary sewer interceptor infrastructure, along with providing operation and maintenance services for sixteen local municipalities of their water and sewer infrastructure.


Services provided include;  jetting and televising of the sanitary sewers, manhole inspection and manhole repair, sanitary sewer main repair, routine inspection, preventative maintenance and maintenance of the sanitary sewer pumping stations, water meter installations, repair water main breaks, fire hydrant maintenance and repair, responding to customer concerns/complaints, MISS DIG staking services, and around the clock emergency response for water and sewer related issues/concerns.     


The benefits of using the (GCDC-WWS) for these services include:   low cost, our knowledge of the infrastructure, and our experienced staff.


The Local Communities currently serviced:


City of Montrose                Sewer

Atlas Township                   Sewer

Clayton Township             Water & Sewer

Davison Township             Water

Flint Township                    Water & Sewer

Flushing Township            Water & Sewer

Gaines Township                Water & Sewer

Montrose Township           Water & Sewer

Mt Morris Township           Water & Sewer

Mundy Township                Water & Sewer

Richfield Township            Water & Sewer

Thetford Township            Water & Sewer

Vienna Township                Water & Sewer

Village of Gaines                Sewer

Village of Goodrich           Sewer

Village of Lennon              Sewer

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