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The Commissioner is elected by state law every four years on a partisan basis and is responsible for the administration of the Drain Code of 1956, as amended. The duties of the Drain Commissioner include the construction and maintenance of drains; determining drainage districts; apportioning costs of drains among property owners; Local Units of Government receiving bids and awarding contracts for drain construction.

The Commissioner, by action of the Board of Commissioners, is the County Agency, pursuant to Act 342 Michigan P.A. of 1939 as amended, for water supply, wastewater collection and treatment.

In addition, the Commissioner works with state and federal agencies to enforce flood plain and pollution laws, and assists in coordinating federal, state, and regional flood control and water quality plans. The Commissioner, by law, is a member of the County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Genesee County Drain Commissioner Division of Water and Waste Services operates our own water supply system.  Genesee County owns and operates a state-of-the-art treatment plant in Oregon Township, Lapeer County. The highest quality source water from Lake Huron is delivered to our plant via the Karegnondi Pipeline.  The water is then treated by some of the most expert water operators in the country, and rigorously tested at several different levels.


The Division distributes water to the following municipalities: Click on the municipality to visit the proper website

BURTON CITY   (phone # 810.743.1500)

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.635.4433)

CLIO CITY (phone # 810.686.5850)

DAVISON TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.653.4156)

FLINT TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.732.1350)

FLUSHING CITY (phone # 810.659.5665)

FLUSHING TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.659.0800)

GAINES TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.635.3200)

GENESEE TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.640.2000)

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.424.2600)

MONTROSE CITY (phone # 810.639.6168)

MONTROSE TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.639.2021)

MT MORRIS CITY (phone # 810.686.2160)

MT MORRIS TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.785.0818) 

MUNDY TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.655.4631)

RICHFIELD TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.653.3564)

SWARTZ CREEK CITY (phone # 810.635.4464)

THETFORD TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.686.5200)

VIENNA TOWNSHIP (phone # 810.686.7676)

Please contact the municipality to verify property address.



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